Automate your Business Processes with Odoo ERP

Automate your Business Processes with Odoo!

Let Our Team handle your business needs with a fully customized ERP Software

and Accounting Solution.


 Configuring an ERP Software is complex as it encompasses many aspects of your business with many levels of complexity and variable costs. The Odoo ERP system is highly customizable. We at Innovus can assist you to configure a solution to suit your unique software requirements!


Why Odoo ERP for your business:

1. Modules – Odoo has 15 key modules and various others suitable to every industry.

2. Flexible and Easy to customize –  Customize from scratch to suit your business needs or use the available modules.

3. Affordable – Comes in versions – the free community version and the advanced featured Enterprise Version with a considerably less fee than other ERPs.

4. Easy to integrate – You can add or remove different modules to sut your needs without interfering with the larger ERP.

5. Web-based application – It is web based and easily accessible through all gadgets. Saves on server costs and other infrastructure to host Odoo ERP.

6. Multi-User options – offers multi-user management, and is accessible at all times.


The key modules that we offer within Odoo ERP Software

 Students and Fees Management (for schools)

An excellent student management module integrated with time-tabling, accounting, fees, academics, school website and admissions.



Hospital Management Systems

ODOO ERP for hospital management makes it easy to monitor inpatient and outpatient data. The coordination of different specialized wings, human resources, and public relations units, reception, tele-medicine & finance facilities becomes simple with the tailor-made ODOO ERP.

Warehouse & Inventory Management

Odoo inventory management system simplifies the process of managing and tracking stock levels, leading to better productivity and efficiency. It enables inventory teams to efficiently manage all essential tasks.
Odoo inventory is fully integrated with other applications such as purchase, accounting, sales, manufacturing and shipping connectors for effortless inventory management.


 Accounting, Finance & Budgeting modules

Odoo Accounting module is a state-of-the-art accounting software that tracks your accounting & finances with utmost accuracy. It helps you fulfill all your accounting needs like payments and invoices, bank reconciliations, reports and much more.


Email Marketing & Campaigning 

Build Successful Marketing Campaigns!
Users can either create a campaign from scratch or select from one of the themes given in Odoo’s email marketing. They can select from a wide range of templates, readjust the layout, add messages and images. In addition, users can enrich the content by adding call-to-actions, titles, footers or social media buttons.


Human Resource And Employee management

HR management in Odoo helps you to manage all your human resource operations. It efficiently manages Employee details, Time and Attendance, Salary, Leaves, Expenses, Recruitment and Employee evaluation.


Manufacturing operations and tracking tools 

This module is a competitive advantage of Odoo compared to other manufacturing management tools. It opens up chances to leverage the productivity of your manufacturing business while reducing the cost so that you can focus on company growth. In particular, the cloud-based MRP software gives manufacturers full control over the operations of your organization.

Other Features include:

  • Inter-Staff Communication
  • Website integration
  • Powerful communication and monitoring tools

Automate your business processes with Odoo ERP. Reach out to Innovus to learn how. As a certified Odoo partner, we will consult and help you implement Odoo end-to-end.


Why choose Innovus Tech for your ERP Implementation:

– Highly qualified personnel and Professional service.
– Cost Effective Customization and Implementation.

– Understanding your business needs and Customization from scratch.
– Satisfactory follow up and training of staff.
– Excellent after sales service.
– We partner with small & medium business enterprises as well as corporate establishments.